A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

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Re: ACR does just as well as RT...

kenw wrote:

RT does have a wider selection of demosaicing algorithms and you can definitely eek out a little more detail with careful tuning in RT. That said, the comparison and conclusions drawn in that thread were bogus because of the wildly different sharpening settings used in the ACR and RT images. RT can be a bit better to be sure but the difference is rather small and nothing like the exaggerated examples in that thread.

I'm please to see this, I am an LR user since I prefer the speed/ reliability of LR compared to RT. Nevertheless a lot of credit goes to Gabor and his team of developers. This new feature in LR is probably thanks to their freebie/ donation ware, which kept whipping the butt of Adobe (in terms of resolution) for years.

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