A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

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Re: A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

AdamT wrote:

it's better than the Pentax, original non-IS canon, the Oly 14-42 ZD and way better than the Sony SAM Alpha 18-55 by miles . I'd put this sample on a par with the Panny 14-45 at the wide end for edge to edge sharpness at 3.5 and softer at the long end as you'd expect (the Panny is famous for its 45mm performance)

IMO, m43 is not about absolute IQ performance, but IQ/bulk. In this regard, it excels. The mZD 14-42 is a perfectly good offering for its bulk and cost. Those people who complain about its performance, have probably not had too much experience with other kit lens offerings in the market..

since the 'base' ISO 100 would be an electronically 'faked' ISO 50. DXO mark clearly shows this. But Oly hasn't been the only one in history to do this.

Yeah, funny part is that Panasonic did it big time with the LX3 !

Overrating the ISO in general is not the same as 'faking' the base ISO. If you check out the LX3 vs. EP1 at DXO, you'll see Oly and Panasonic overrated the ISO exactly the same fashion, but Oly also 'faked' a base ISO. IOW going form ISO 100 to 200 with the Oly the absolute DR stays the same, but one stop of highlight headroom is gained at ISO 200 (at the expense of shadow DR). This is of course quite silly, since base ISO is normally used in daylight, where headroom is usually quite important. Maybe the metering/ contrast curve effectively compensates for this (in JPG), but I believe a reputable mfg. like Oly should at least warn about this, since users expect the 'base' ISO to have the greatest DR.

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