A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

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Re: A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

I hadn't really heard any previous specualtion that the EPL1 has a weaker AA filter than the Pannie cams, but maybe it has.

It's not a question of having an AA filter as light as possible - or omitting it for that matter. The AA filter is an expensive part of the camera, it's there for a good reason. Having a 'too' weak AA filter results in 'fake' resolution. Panasonic has used a fairly light AA filter on its m43 cameras in general. Having a lighter AA filter than Panasonic is not necessarily something to strive for. The Leica M9 doesn't have an AA filter, which results in certain issues in processing.

I hear you on the superiority of thr APS-C sensor in the Sony cameras - I just can't get into their ergonomics ! And I'm a Sony fan in general.

I've read it all and seen the graphs, but when a take a look with my own eyes, I just don't see that much of a difference. Eg. pick the GH2 instead of the Fuji here:


Up to 3200 there doesn't seem to much of a difference between the NEX5 and the GH2 (roughly same generation). The handling issues with Sony will probably be sorted out with the NEX7, so I wouldn't use that argument against them, the availability of lenses (or the lack hereof) and Sony spreading its resources too thinly across FF, APS-c, and NEX is my primary concern. Nevertheless, the EVIL market is still in its infancy, one has to reassess the market situation every now an then.

AdamT wrote:

I had an EP1 for 1.5 Years, really liked it and added a G1 early 2010 and then GH1 also a year ago . liked all of them actually - I was never really impressed with the Oly Kit lens (on any body) or the Panny 45-200 in size or long end sharpness (though its OK for the price) but the Panny 14-45 and 20mm were absolute Gems ---

The GH1 replaced the G1, then finally mid October last year the NEX5 Dual Kit replaced the lot because I wanted the better high ISO performance (the NEX is better than the GH1 even with no banding), AVCHD Video and that tiny 16mm lens all in one camera & simpler rig . My sample of the 18-55 NEX is every bit as good as the old panny 14-45 and my 16mm is a top sample too . the NEX (now nearly out of warranty) is a firm keeper for the forseeable future.

What I did do was keep the 14-45 Panny lens and now Oly have launched an affordable 45mm F1.8 & Panny a 14mm F2.5 , adding a M43 cam looked interesting again and as EPL1s are almost Free thesedays, I bought a used one boxed as new with the kit lens for £210 from a dealer (why pay an extra £80) , I didn't want the body only as it's harder to sell later on and I really don't want to part with that panny 14-45. the Family can use the EPL1 as well as me with the new primes when I get them.

Anyway a few things I'm seeing are puzzling .. this is all using RAW and the same RAW converter, Capture one V5

1:- the EPL1 is sharper than the G1 and GH1 with same lens (Panny 14-45) , quite a bit sharper in fact - I was expecting it to be the same. Moire is worse - it may even be a tad sharper than the NEX5 even and up to the old D70 AA weakness !!

2:- the EPL1 is a LOT more sharper than the EP1 than I remember at the time, I knew there was a difference, thought it was a lot less than this

3:- the Pan lens is wider and Vigs more on the EPL1 than I ever remember it doing EP1 (Weird that) I expected it to be compared to the Panny cams as C1 must correct .. it's like a 12-40

4:- the plastic mount version of the MK1 Kit lens is a lot sharper than the old EP1 version even taking AA filter into account , in fact it's TACK sharp wideopen and Matches the Panny at the wide end ! . my old EP1 one was as good as anyone elses and had no decentering issues or anything.

5:- Noise levels at ISO200 seem a lot better than the EP1 , in fact I found the EP1 very noisy at ISO200 in skies , the EPL1 doesn't seem as bad

6:- I always ran the EP1 at ISO200 as DR was severely compromised at ISO100 - but the Pannys were fine at ISO100 - I've not checked the EPL1 at ISO100 and was wondering how others found them ?

I love the RAW+JPG button (better known as the Movie button) - shame it can't be set to AEL as it's better placed than the Func Button . love the dedicated Mag button too though its easy to hit when resting the thumb ..

I don't miss the Crappy Arrowpad Command dial, in fact I prefer the press the + - button and use the cursors to fiddling with that horrid thing (so an EPL2 wasn't the answer after all - LOL) I DO Miss the lovely Rollerdial though .. the Built in flash in use is no where near as impressive as the mechanism which activates it - what an Anticlimax , I'm sure even our SX220 twinkles brighter . Thankfully I still have an FL36 .

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