A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

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Re: A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

Some people have been complaining about the opposite, being the kit lens is still cr@p

it's better than the Pentax, original non-IS canon, the Oly 14-42 ZD and way better than the Sony SAM Alpha 18-55 by miles . I'd put this sample on a par with the Panny 14-45 at the wide end for edge to edge sharpness at 3.5 and softer at the long end as you'd expect (the Panny is famous for its 45mm performance)

With (cheap) kit lenses, variance will always be a significant factor. If you have a good copy, then hold on to it!

yeah, my NEX 18-55 is a total Gem, that's reputed to being Crap too

since the 'base' ISO 100 would be an electronically 'faked' ISO 50. DXO mark clearly shows this. But Oly hasn't been the only one in history to do this.

Yeah, funny part is that Panasonic did it big time with the LX3 !

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