A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

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I've had my own journey

I can set aside the fact I've been pretty devout Nikon since the D200 for my work cameras. Was never impressed with ANY of the newer Canon's since back in my original 1D days. Sure a 5DMkII is useful, but wasn't that impressed having gotten a D700 instead. I had shoulder surgery last winter and decided to make some weight changes. So I opted for a D7000 and have not been disappointed. With that said I decided to supplement with a Mft camera. So in April of 2010 I picked up a Olympus PL1 along with the 20mm f1.7 Pancake and 45-200OIS. both of those lenses were just outstanding (my copies anyway). I trusted my entire vacation to that setup along with the kit lens and was not disappointed. Super sharp color rich images consistently produced some wonderful 13x19's which I didn't consider a compromise at all. Fast forward to December when I had shoulder surgery and decided to make a change to pre order a PL2 but decided to first try a GH2. I just couldn't warm up to the files coming out of that so when I went to the dealer locally I like, he suggested I play with a Sony SLT-A55. I got hooked and went with that and the kit lens along with several of their other top lenses. Full of features sure, but after 6 months the honeymoon was over. I decided to go back to my original plan of a Mft camera. In July I awaited test after test of the P3 and G3. I no longer wanted a bolt on EVF and was officially hooked on the articulated screen. So the G3 it was. I ordered a 2 lens kit with the 45-200 again. I added the 20mm f1.7 and 14mm f2.5 for indoor and bokeh stuff and even went all out getting a 100-300. So far this has been the perfect answer for me as I have fairly small hands and it fits me perfectly. Feature wise it has it all. I love the video quality and the files right out of the cam are quite outstanding. Battery life isn't anywhere near as bad as advertised in my use. So I think I'll stick with this for some time to come for my small travel kit. This little sucker turns out some highly detailed files. My D7000 is getting lonely

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