A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

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Re: A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

AdamT wrote:

Anyway a few things I'm seeing are puzzling .. this is all using RAW and the same RAW converter, Capture one V5

Only RawTherapee seems to be able to extract Panasonic RAW files to look their best: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1041&message=39074378

The sample is from a G3, but it seems to be the same story for every other Panasonic.

1:- the EPL1 is sharper than the G1 and GH1 with same lens (Panny 14-45) , quite a bit sharper in fact - I was expecting it to be the same. Moire is worse - it may even be a tad sharper than the NEX5 even and up to the old D70 AA weakness !!

Don't know if that's good on a 12Mp camera, but we do agree that Oly needed a less harsh AA filter than the EP1.

4:- the plastic mount version of the MK1 Kit lens is a lot sharper than the old EP1 version even taking AA filter into account , in fact it's TACK sharp wideopen and Matches the Panny at the wide end ! . my old EP1 one was as good as anyone elses and had no decentering issues or anything.

Some people have been complaining about the opposite, being the kit lens is still cr@p With (cheap) kit lenses, variance will always be a significant factor. If you have a good copy, then hold on to it!

6:- I always ran the EP1 at ISO200 as DR was severely compromised at ISO100 - but the Pannys were fine at ISO100 - I've not checked the EPL1 at ISO100 and was wondering how others found them ?

It's because Oly participated in the ISO-war, simple as that. If you multiply the rating by two, then you can write an impressive max ISO rating on the box.. Of course, you'd be screwing those of your customers who don't understand this (losing one stop of highlight in daylight), since the 'base' ISO 100 would be an electronically 'faked' ISO 50. DXO mark clearly shows this. But Oly hasn't been the only one in history to do this.

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