A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

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Re: A strange Mirrorless Gear Journey

Wifey snatched up the epl1 - she loves the thing. Unfortunately, we're now both tussling over the 20mm...

LOL - the EPL1 here is going to be a family cam more than anything (I won't see a lot of it) , the X100 is in the work bag (its purely for silent shooting at high ISOs and paying itse way big time) , I never use it for my own stuff .

I have to admit - I'm somewhat smitten by the quality of the new kit zoom (if not the brightness). With flash, it's highly capable, and extremely sharp. Sharper than I'd have thought. It's also quite smooth, and definitely a couple notches up in quality compared to the previous version.

I'm wondering if the sharpness factor is more down to sample variation than actual model change - I'd never have thought the EPL1's kit lens would be as sharp edge to edge as this EPL1 one is (I tested the original E1 kit on the G1 so its not purely the AA filter - it was even edge to edge but not up to much really)

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