What would you carry backpacking?

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What would you carry backpacking?

I own a D300 and a bevvy of lenses. I've carried the D300 and 17-55 to the top of Mt. Whitney and just recently Half Dome in a ThinkTank front carrier for quick access. I love the image quality, but I'm ready for a dSLR that isn't as heavy.

What Nikon body and lens would you take backpacking if you still want top notch IQ? Should I go for the D3100 and 16-85? That would be a lot lighter than D300 and 17-55. Obviously, I'm giving up the f/2.8 for the variable aperture 16-85, but I'm saving a lot of weight and size. It seems that the D3100 body would probably perform just as well as the D300 for landscape and static people shots.

For comparison, D300 + 17-55 is 56.6 oz. D3100 + 16-85 is 33.1 oz. That's a pound and a half. In backpacking, you pay a lot to shave a pound and a half off your sleeping bag or tent.

If you could buy any Nikon dSLR and lens, what would you take backpacking? Would I have any regrets with the D3100 and 16-85 when I've been used to the D300 + 17-55?
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