NIKON P500 focussing problem !! PLZZZZ HELP

Started Aug 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
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NIKON P500 focussing problem !! PLZZZZ HELP

Hi All,

I am a nikon fan. Bought P500 about 65 months back and have been playing with it moderately. I never had the so called battery problems or any other hardware problems which other have experienced.

But recently I have noticed something which is quite worrisome to an extent that i have started thinking bad about a NIKON!

If we half press the click button the camera should focus on the subject and then lock itself at this location. My cam keeps on focussing the point in front of it(theres a sound that the lens keep on making) even if the subject moves away.

For example, if farthest point is about 50mts away and the subject is about 25 mt and i focus the cam on the 25mt point by half pressing the click button. and then the subject moves out of the frame. the cam ideally should not focus on the 50 mt point unless I release the button and press it again. But it still keeps on focussing the farthest point thus making the primary subject look out of focus.

Is this a fault with my cam or anyone else has experienced it? is it a fault or m i doing something wrong. Nikon s10 used to give me good results with this technique.

The images are turning out to be very soft. been trying for 5 months, just when i thought I knew how it worked, I learnt I didnt have a clue after ruinning our holiday pics! which is always a bad feeling!


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