Anti Shake and Tripods

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Re: Anti Shake and Tripods

I shot a lot of macro product photos....

Short duration shots (most under 1/4 sec) and I can not find any issues with the SSS being left on with the A700 versus left off.

In fact I think my shots are better wtih the SSS left on for these photos simply because the SSS does address some vibrations that may arise from the tripod.

Longer time shots (1/2 second or more) I can pixel peep the full size and find some smear issues if SSS is left on with a tripod shot. In the extreme cases I can see even the smear when examining the photo sized to the display..... of course those are detailed items with lots of parallel and perpendicular lines that tend to show the smear better than just non-linear details.

Bottom line, I don't ge nutz-o turning off the SSS for most shots unless the time is going to be long and/or the type of detail I am shooting.

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