This is really bad

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pixcel Contributing Member • Posts: 752
Re: Muliple cheaters, with multiple identities.

RaptorUK wrote:

I agree with you, but what you and I think doesn't matter to DPReview, they have their own agenda and, IMO, a crazy idea of how to achieve that . . . by the time they realise what is happening it will be too late, there will be another site that overtakes them and they will be forgotten.

Chato wrote:

I don't want to criticise those who still play, but the fun went out of it for me. Winning isn't important to me, but fair play is.


If there are people trying to improve thier chances in this manner, then how sad they must be to consider DPR challenges to be of such importance that thay feel the need to cheat. The challenges are no more than lighthearted competition and carry little or no importance outside of the forum.

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