Working the HS Senior market @ age 60

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Re: Working the HS Senior market @ age 60


I clicked on your site and recognized the boy in your photos, he is a friend of my daughters and went to the Christian shcool with her - graduated together actually.

In any case I realized we are in the same town - so nice to meet you. I really liked your work a lot, I think you could do well in that market here - it takes a while to build it up but, I think you are doing what the kids that age want though.

I do mostly events, I work part time for the Event Factory, if you are from around here you will probably know who they are and I also have my own work the goes on but, I am a licensed photographer, I choose my clients carefully - I only accept so much work that's all.

It would be nice to hook up with you all in person some day and just meet some other local photographers, I may go on a shootout with the local Stobist group this month but, if not then maybe some day in the slow months it would be nice to meet you all sometime.

Anyhow, best wishes and keep up the great work and site, I will send clients to you that are looking for great senior photography.


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