Canon S95 or Olympus XZ-1

Started Jul 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
jason401 Forum Member • Posts: 77
Re: Canon S95 or Olympus XZ-1

If you're only planning to shoot in JPEG and don't have time to mess with RAW then S95 wins. The JPEG engine on the XZ-1 is very poor at ISO 400 and over. There are plenty of examples on this forum concerning heavy noise reductions and smudge. When using RAW on the XZ-1, lens correction aren't applied. The S95 has its own lens profile on Lightroom, while the XZ-1 do not.

There's also a $70 to $100 price difference between the S95 and the XZ-1.

The S95 is small enough to put inside your pant pocket, but not the XZ-1.

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