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Re: Image artifact / 7D + 100-400 larger image

Sorry hit return too soon.

The Namibian National Park system makes the US look third world. Great facilities and lodges. Friendly people - the head chef at one camp would wander the dining room mixing it up with the crowd. Animal experience in Etosha is breathtaking - although you needed to stay in your vehicle. (we had to tent a 4x4 since no motorcycles were allowed.

Winter weather is perfect - cool night - warm not hot days - we had one cloudy day in 2 1/2 weeks. Very few American tourists - which was OK with us.

Only cons - you need to be security conscious everywhere we went. The only nights we didn't sleep in a walled/secured compound were in the animal reserves. The highlights of Namibia are separated by long distances with nothing between. The population density of Namibia is the second lowest in the world.

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