NEX-7 feels larger than the Leica M9?

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Re: True, if we can trust "leaked" photos

That's okay. I can live without pink

seachicken2000 wrote:

rishi o' wrote:

Wow. It makes me think the Alpha line was supposed to be for the men and the NEX line was for the women. Now I have to get a man's purse for the NEX.

There's evidence that the NEX 3 was designed for ladies with long nails to be able to grip. The NEX 5 being the "man's NEX", and only available in "mens colors", like black and silver (and NOT pink).

This kind of fits into Japanese culture if you look at the color schemes of their yukata. Men's tend to be drab and boring colors, women's yukata can be any color you wish with bells on.

So I don't expect there will be a pink NEX 7, sadly.

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