NEX-7 feels larger than the Leica M9?

Started Aug 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
kuri Regular Member • Posts: 213
Re: True, if we can trust "leaked" photos

Adding even further to this, the NEX line, at least in Japan, is marketed heavily towards women. More so than "NEX in your pocket" that people may think abroad, over here in Japan, Sony markets it as a camera that can easily fit in a handbag or purse.

Take a look at the Sony JP site, it's all girly hehe

Rooru S wrote:

Do you realize the NEX-7 is not intended to fit a pocket? I'm sure, the advertising of the NEX-7 will be something like "Professional performance on a small package". Not as NEX-3/5/C3 with the "Professional Quality in your pocket" motto.

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