Long time Nikon user thinking of going Canon - CC welcome on my logic pls!

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Long time Nikon user thinking of going Canon - CC welcome on my logic pls!

Ok first no I'm not a troll lol Please bear with me!

I am a long time Nikon user - owned a Nikkormat FT2, FM, F100, D70, D2X, D300, D7000... and loved them all...

I have been all DX with my digital setups and enjoyed doing a bit of wildlife etc and getting the extra reach - but I want to get into landscapes more seriously and am really motivated and inspired to mainly do this now. I'm therefore going FF. I have even sold my beautiful 200-400 to cash up for this project.

Part of my reasoning was to sell the DX gear whilst it was still worth a bit in the light of possible new bodies "soon". I learnt my lesson from my D2x - bought it for $5k and sold it for $500 - and it just sat in my bag for a few years as I would prefer the D300.

But in the last few weeks I've been looking at other alternatives also and the TS lenses from Canon have really perked my interest! Also, apart from the D3x, which is beyond me, there seems to be a reasonable arguement that a 5d2 is probably better than anything else at that price range for low ISO landscape photography?

Although I enjoy all types of photography - I'm willing to sacrifice other features (high ISO performance, rapid fire, AF etc) to get the best setup for natural landscapes I can.

I really like the idea of using those TS lenses. I love the fact that I could better fix things like converging lines (converging anything annoys me a bit) and I think I could achieve a style that I'm after with it. Also things like the focussing possibilities and the ease of panoramas - even just two shot panoramas for MF equivalent resolution...

So yeah thinking of getting a 5d2 with both 17&24 TS-E... and then probably replace the body with the 5d2 replacement next year... any comments/advice on my logic very welcome!

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