NEX-7 feels larger than the Leica M9?

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Re: True, if we can trust "leaked" photos

fermy wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

The NEX lens' diameters are larger than the height of the NEX 3 and 5, but in the photos the height of the NEX 7 is much greater. The NEX 7 looks to be a lot bigger than a 3 or 5.

Does this matter? Not really. These cameras don't fit in a pocket and use the same APS size lenses. The overall size difference will not be that great because of the lens size.

Well, it does. Nex 5 and 3 do fit well in the pocket with many lenses, including 16mm pancake, various SLR lenses up to 50mm, all Contax G lenses, most RF lenses, etc.

Yep. To fit in a pocket at least one dimension must be small and in the NEX-5 that's the height. Even with a fairly long lens the camera still fits easily in a coat pocket with the lens lying along the bottom. But if the height of the camera grows it starts to need to occupy a cube - no single dimension is small enough to fit in a narrow space like a pocket.

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