Why Are Larger Pixels on Camera Sensors Better?

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Re: Why Are Larger Pixels on Camera Sensors Better?

BobSC wrote:

Source: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canong11/

Quote: Changes compared to G10 -- 10 megapixel 'high sensitivity' sensor, down from 14.7 megapixels

If you go to the "Compared to" pages, you can clearly see that the G10 has more resolution -- About 2500 lines vs 2000 lines.

But if you go to the Higher ISO and look at the sample images, the G11 has a dramatic advantage.

Since these cameras have the same lens and the same size sensor, it is easy to compare the effect of changing the pixel size.

That's also assuming the same firmware and sensor technology. Why did DPR measure the G11 slower than the G10 despite having fewer megapixels (thus less data to manipulate)? I don't know, but that makes me think there's more than reduced megapixels involved in the low-light performance.

For a given technology, bigger pixels do have an advantage over smaller ones, yes, but it's also easier to remove noise than to add detail in processing.

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