9500 Mark II First Impressions

Started Aug 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
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9500 Mark II First Impressions

Hey all,

I received and set up my new 9500 II last night, and I wanted to double check with you guys to see if my experience comports with what those of you with similar pigment printers have found.

I did a bunch of test prints on Red River's sample papers, and then compared them with some prints that I did with my Pixma MG5220 4-color dye printer. Here's the notes from my comparison:

1. Contrast on the 9500 is pretty poor compared to the 5220. Overall, blacks seem much lighter on all paper types.

2. Saturation is substantially lower on the 9500, as compared to the 5220. This is also very noticeable.

3. Prints made on the red river metallic paper are quite underwhelming when compared to using that paper with a dye printer (which gives fantastic results). I'd say that the image looks more like a plain glossy photo than it does a metallic print.

4. Shadow detail on the 9500 is much better than it is on the 5220. This may be just an artifact of having blacks that aren't very dark, I'm not sure.

5. Black and white prints on matte/fine art papers seem excellent on the 9500. These look quite neutral, and don't have the warm color cast that they do when printed on the 5220.

So, is this normal for pigment printers, or am I doing something wrong? All of these prints are being done from Photoshop using Red River's icc profiles for each printer/paper combination. Further, is there any viable way to boost the contrast and saturation to get it closer to a dye print, or will I just block up the shadow areas trying to do that?



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