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Re: Mocking My Opinion Only Makes YOU ALL Look Foolish (D5100 VF)

You dug up a three month old post and stated that you were HORRIFIED and shocked over a camera, but we have mental issues or an attitude problem. Yeah, that makes sense.

You are correct that it is a poor choice on Nikons part and pretty hard to rationalize. That aside, considering the overuse of hyperbole, and lack of a point, your post just reads as a child having a tantrum.

larrytusaz wrote:

I must say, the sarcasm of some of you--many of you, actually--with regards to my position, and that of the original poster, you're frankly being very childish.

Frankly, if such if your point of view, then to be bluntly honest-- YOU have mental issues , or at least an attitude problem. I feel sorry for you.

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