MBP Slow / Where is the bottle neck? / New Workflow or System Recommendations?

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Re: MBP Slow / Where is the bottle neck? / New Workflow or System Recommendations?

My MBP is only a 2.33Ghz machine and older than yours, but is usually fairly quick in handling files in LR3. Mine only has 150GBs hard disc and things slow down when I have only or less than 10 free. Have you check how full yours is? Also running the Disc Utility to repair preferences quite often seems to help, do you do that?

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I need some help. I am finding it very slow to review and sort RAW 5DII (24mb files) on my not-too-old MacBook Pro in Preview, Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Lightroom 3. I just shot 600+ images and am trying to review them / sort out the best pic(k)s. I need recommendations on a proven system (hardware/software/workflow) that will allow me to quickly see and sort photos in full- or nearly full-screen size. The only thing that comes close is viewing the images in the finder, but sorting seems to require a lot of awkward dragging and dropping.

Preview: takes several seconds to generate thumbnail previews every time I scroll through the thumbnails. Very inefficient if you are scrolling through 600 pictures!.
Bridge: sits and spins when I click a folder filled with RAW images.

Lightroom: is very slow importing photos and then doesn't show very detailed previews.

I currently have the following MacBook Pro System:

3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (January 2010)
8GB / 7200 RPM Drive / Matte Screen / Snow Leopard 10.6.7

Given that the finder can access images pretty quickly, I'm imagining that the bottleneck is not so much drive speed, but in the inefficiencies of the software programs -- and that the performance of these programs would be improved mainly by a faster CPU and maybe more RAM. Thoughts? Recommendations from personal experience on what works?

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