FE/FM bodied 12MP. Sound good or not?

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FE/FM bodied 12MP. Sound good or not?

I've been a long time proponent of Nikon re-introducing a Nikon FE/FM style body with a digital sensor. The current Nikon rumors give-away contest made me start thinking about such a body once again.

Imagine Nikon extending the life cycle of the excellent D3/D700 sensor with a "retro" body type around the $2000 price point (less ideally). Almost rangefinder in size it is IMHO a perfect answer to all the micro 4/3rds mini-cams that are available.

Something like this for example: (without the frame advance of course.)

I don't know who's photoshop job this was so I can't give credit....

No in body focus motor but the ability to auto-focus AFS lenses. Modern metering and focus tracking abilities (with AFS lenses). Somewhat limited external controls compared to the large(r) bodied offerings. There would only be a few external buttons like ISO and EV controls. The other controls would be the typical dials found on the FM/FE bodies.

Ultimately it would be a compromise between the modern machines that the D3/D3x/D700/D3 are and more in line with a rangefinder camera.

Matching this body with the AIS 20 f2.8 / 50f1.8 / 105f2.5 would be an amazing travel go everywhere kit.

How many of you would be interested in such a camera? Do you think such a concept holds weight? And what if it was DX instead of FX? Would it be feasible to do both DX/FX in the same body?


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