S95 or LX5 (I know I know) experienced shooters of both please

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Re: S95 or LX5 (I know I know) experienced shooters of both please

User of S90 and LX5.

I purchased the evf for the LX5 and that was a major advantage for my shooting. The LX5's image quality was very similar to S90(which is just below S95). I'd love to see the next version of LX5 but Panasonic has become incredibly slow to deliver products. Anyhow, check out the many reviews of these cameras, S95 is on top of all reviews that I have read.

toomanycanons wrote:

I've come real close to buying one or another for a year now but haven't. Suddenly on various venues (Craigslist, Fred Miranda) I see both "new" or barely used coming up for sale at prices I like.

What I'd like is some opinions of those here who have shot extensively with BOTH to give us their opinions of which is the "best". I'm talking:

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more consistent focus

--better high ISO performance (since these are point and shoots, let's say ISO 800)
--quick to use
--fun factor---which one would you rather grab when walking out the door

I shoot mostly with DSLRs now but know all about point and shoots. Whatever I buy would reside under the seat of my car to be used in all manner of "emergency" shooting, indoors and out. Flash performance isn't critical, I want to be able to shoot in available light. The short zooms of both these cameras is just fine, I don't need a "superzoom" unless, of course, there is one that is these two cameras' equal in IQ.

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