New NEX leses, f1.8 24mm, f1.8 50mm, f4.5-6.3 55-210mm

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Re: Because some know more than you.

odobo wrote:

mynakedsoda wrote:

Why would you need stablility system on a very fast 50mm prime when you are using it with a camera body (Nex) with excellent high ISO capability? I don't see every prime as needing that and apparantly Sony doesn't either as the 16mm 2.8 that came with my Nex has no stablity system.

because I have a shaky hands? and sometimes the I take pictures in a very low light conditions? I have a 50mm 1.7 MD and even when I get it wide open and boost all the way to iso 3200 I still get motion blur sometime. I agree I can probably get away from the 16mm 2.8 without any OSS but I am pretty sure I want it on a 50mm if possible.

So then what would stop a global giant like Sony from being able to add OSS and still come out with a compact prime?

and I am not saying that companies cant copy those lenses that you mentioned... but if they are so easy to make and they dont have any performance issue on the modern cameras... how comes I dont see there is 1 coming out from all those lens company? and why did nikon stop making that lovely 45mm 2.8 P??

I'd just be guessing other than the Nikon lens. It was meant to be a limited edition lens.

oh... so it is a limited edition... not really something for the mass...

And? Did I mention how the pricing was below most other Nikon primes?

when a product get phase out... there is always a reason. Dont get too attach to things.

I don't when better things replace them.

You seem to be missing the point I made. You were claiming physics meant that some of the things people wanted were impossible to make for the Nex. I just wanted to point out to you that some things some users wanted were entirely possible.

no, I didnt miss it. But you are avoiding the questions I asked after I counter your "examples"

I answered every one of them I thought even your 1-1000mm example.

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