Upgrade from 70-200 vr1 to vr2? Worth it?

Started Aug 14, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Yes, Definitely Worth It In My View

I had the VR1 for three years, using it to mainly shoot soccer on a D200 then a D300, often at 200mm f2.8 and was pretty happy with it. I often crop my shots by around 50% and the results with the VR1 would frequently be too soft after this. However I sold it and bought the VR2. Wow, what a difference in sharpness! In the same circumstances on the D300 the VR2 was consistently sharper, especially after heavy cropping of photos.

I then moved on to a D3s about two months ago and have taken about 3k shots using this with the VR2. After my usual cropping the results are truly astounding. There is no doubt in my mind that the VR2 has yielded a significant improvement for my type of photography using this lens. It looks better mounted on my camera than the VR1 too!

Just by way of interest, at a night soccer game recently where I could shoot right from the edge of the field, my 85mm f1.4G on the D3s gave simply stunning shots after cropping, much better than the 70-200 VR2 could do under the same circumstances. Sure, it was limited by range, but the closer action yielded some great results. The combination of the D3s's high usable ISO and f1.4 meant I could keep a shutter setting of over 1/2000 to freeze the action even under poor lighting. Very impressive Nikon.

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