Nex-7 ?

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Something tells me...

NorthwestF wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

The 24mm f1.8 is is a total fake. It's an EVIL camera, for God's sake.

While I agree the size of it looks highly improbable at least somebody has yet again made the effort to 'create' another 'fake' image:

LOL. Note how he was "shaming" everyone, including DPR, for "fake" images.

I am wiling to bet he is wrong about that, just as he is wrong that lenses were designed on earth (even when he has not shown a patent to prove that )

In my eyes he has lost all credibility. I will take anything else he posts in any thread with skepticism.

Something tells me that I'm not the one who's being perceived as having lost all credibility and taken with skepticism here...

Not sure what gives me that opinion...

Oh fudge. I just tried to reply to Bob's comments about lunch.

But the thread is at 150 posts. So, I'll just edit this one.

Bob, if you're catching this, you're welcome for lunch any time. Brian, you too. And Iliah, of course. And Documensony, whoever you are.

NorthwestF, you're not welcome for lunch.

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