Need Serious Lens Recommendations

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Re: Need Serious Lens Recommendations

I'd suggest looking at the Sigma 17-50 HSM OS lens. It's f/2.8- relatively cheap compared to the canon, and has features that would assist you in your endeavors.

You mention slow AF. If you want faster af, you should be looking at lenses that have some kind of ultrasonic motor- such as Sigma's HSM or Canon's USM.

Lighting. Lighting in most people's homes nowadays is terrible. It's not just terrible for photography, it's generally bad for reading, finding things, etc.. And I tend to hate incandescents. I finally figured out that the best form of lighting for me is fixtures with Daylight CFL bulbs. Also , if you go this route, I suggest ensuring that you use the same manufacturer and buy bulbs with the same Kelvin rating. If you find the fixtures inadequate, I suggest white ceilings, and those three light standing lights placed in a corner bouncing off the ceiling. To me, using flash is the easier route- especially bouncing flash, or using multiple flashes together.. But if you want to avoid that , or if you need the lighting for video, nothing beats adding more light. I also find that using daylight, flash tends to be more complementary as opposed to tungsten bulbs (incandescents ). Of course, you could gel your flash for tungsten if that's the way you want to go. I also avoid incandescents because of the heat and also because of the higher electric bill associated with them.

Personally, for shooting videos, I'd probably opt for a dedicated camcorder first. Otherwise, I'd use a loupe and throw on a prime, something like a 30 or 50mm..

I think insofar as brands are concerned, there are fine lenses from Sigma, Tamron, and Canon. As long as you get a good one, you can be happy with one from any of those manufacturers. Don't believe all of the hype you see on the forums- all of the manufacturers have lemons, bad qc, and a mix of good lenses with some being bad. Most bad lenses can be fixed by sending them in for calibration. Others- well- the round filing bin. They are mass produced in similar ways, qc'd similarly, and all can have problems, so in my eyes, none are better or worse- just different reputations. With Canon, you are partly paying for the name. With the other manufacturer's, sometimes, you get the gems that are better than Canon's products, with longer warranties, better IQ, at a fraction of the price of the similar Canon product. Not all, just some.. Of course, I don't expect miracles out of a $100 to 300 lens when comparing it to a $1k lens either.

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