70-200 VR I High-pitched noise - fatal?

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Conclusion / result / closure :)

As a reference to all the people looking for advice on this symptom I felt I had to write about the conclusion to all of this.

We settled to break the deal with the buyer and he sent me the lens back. Upon examining the lens I was able to test the noted high-pitched 'squealing' of the lens with a D40 body.

The sound is nothing like in the YouTube video I posted originally. This could be compared to a CRT TV that somebody has left on but that has a blank black screen. There's usually a very high-pitched frequencyinvolved that makes people around the TV say "hey, is the TV on?".

This is similar, but you have to put your ear against the lens to even hear it (at least I have to). There are stories of people "starting to hear the sound some day" and eventually resulting in a broken SWM motor. I would have to argue that somebody would have to have very sensitive ears in order to be able to "start to hear" this sound ever - unless they inspect the lens on a weekly basis by putting their ear against the body of the lens.

In conclusion, while the lens on the YouTube video could be faulty (or not ), in this case I feel no cause for worry. I fully trust the lens will be free of problems in the future. Of course I'll let you guys know when/if the AF motor fails at some point - but I doubt it'll be soon ...and even then the AF motor could just be at the end of its lifecycle and its breaking down wouldn't necessarily have to do anything with the high-pitched sound.

I did have to refund the buyer, but strangely, I don't feel sorry at all. I realized that the 70-200mm VR1 is a tool I'll be using for years to come and in my line of work it's indispensable. In concert photography, for example, where you might not be able to move around in the crowd, the agility of a zoom tele lens comes really handy.


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