A sensor benchmark based on actuations

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A sensor benchmark based on actuations

My Canon SX10is sensor is showing vertical lines on the EVF and images. It's generally understood to be signs of a corrupt sensor.

I bought the camera expecting 50 000 actuations (i.e. photos) before the sensor packed up.

Yes, it's out of warranty (which is a time issue) but the actuations are the constant.

My understanding is the warranty is only time based, and there's only one warranty, i.e. the lens warranty is not longer than the circuitry warranty.

Are there generally accepted benchmarks for sensor life, depending on the camera?
E.g. My Sony p&s is at 15000 actuations, and no troubles.

When I speak to dealers there is a general agreement of benchmarking, as well as a

few guestimates of the number of actuations a user can expect, or at which point a service is required.

My cost of sensor repair versus the second-hand market cost is a no-brainer. I'm $500 down (new cost) and feel short changed: with a bridge camera the body & lens are fixed; there's nothing to salvage.

To their credit Canon USA have offered me access to their Loyalty Program (a swop for a refurbished camera with a 90 day warranty). In addition, where there were sensor problems circa 2005 Canon addressed this (GOOGLE Canon sensor recall 2005).

Here's an example highlighting my problem: Suppose Canon's S95 sensor collapsed the day after the warranty expired for the majority of users - supposing the general usage (and benchmark) was 6000 actuations; I suspect the company would lose an enormous market share. Why? Because expectation of competence beyond the warranty period is translated into price premium, and there is a price premium on their products. (It's not the only factor; quality is, of course, the key determinant.) You might reply that the solution lies with extending the warranty. The issue of the benchmark still remains.

My question:

Are there generally accepted & or established benchmarks for sensor life, depending on the camera?

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