Nikon D300 to 60D possible defection

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I would choose based on IQ and presentation

I also own a D90 and a 60D, and swap depending on what I'm shooting.

Most of my photography takes place at sunset or sunrise, so I shoot mainly with the D90 where its greater dynamic range allows me to pull more detail out of the shadows. The images from the Nikon are also bolder (masculine) and are more interesting for the landscape shots I tend to shoot.

There's something flawed about how Nikon handles delicate colours like salmon pinks however, so I will often switch to the Canon for sunsets where those are the main feature. The 60D also handles the feel of the mid-day sun with more freshness than the Nikon which tends to give images an older-fashioned feeling (more pastely and textured?). Not sure how else to describe it, but I certainly wouldn't use my D90 at the beach during the day for example. Overall I find the output from the Canon much more neutral, with natural skin tones. Panasonic is on the other end of this spectrum with a very polished modern presentation which I also like.

I think either brand can give good results and either interface can be learned without any difficulty though the Nikon has the edge for how quickly I can access the controls I want. I can power up the D90, set aperature and ISO all with my right hand without any shifting of either hand, which I really like. It certainly takes longer to power up the 60D and change certain settings, but all the settings I usually need are accessible through external buttons, so I wouldn't pass on the 60D for any interface issues.

As for the weight of the system, please also consider the weight of the lenses you'd like to use. The D7000 and 60D are actually pretty similar in weight, and this small difference can easily be offset by the weight of the lens that best suits your photography needs. The combination of the D7000 with the 16-85 is lighter and more compact than the 60D with the 15-85 for example.

If I could only buy a single camera right now I would probably choose a D7000 as the Nikon images suit my photography style more than Canon. Everyone has different needs, video included, but I certainly wouldn't choose a camera based on interface alone which seems to rank pretty high on your list of priorities.

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