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Lens upgrade advice

Looking for advice about following upgrade:
Sell 17-40L F4 and get Canon 14mm F2.8L II.
Sell 70-200 F2.8 IS and get Mark II.

Yesterday I went to a local store and shoot my lenses against the store 14mm and 70-200 Mark II.
I shoot 17mm of 17-40 apertures 4-11 and 14mm 2.8-11.
Analyzed images at home and here my unscientific conclusion:

1. 14mm definitely wider than 17mm, but at apertures 8-11, while 14mm was very sharp 17mm was pretty sharp as well. 14mm needs more attention to compose the shot as you may get more distorted images especially on the sides.

While 17-40L is pretty comfortable range for a landscape/architecture I am not sure I am happy with sharpness any more.

Can't make decision yet about selling 17-40 and get 14mm (there is coupon right now available).

2. I didn't expect to see much difference from 70-200 F2.8L IS mark 1 vs. II. I was very surprised to find Mark II has more contrast and sharpness. I was very happy with my Mark I copy until I discovered mark II capabilities yesterday. Now I have a bug that I "need" to upgrade this one for sure :-), but price difference is huge.

If anybody moved to upgrades with above lens, could you please give me some inputs, is it worth it? I need to do research how much 70-200 Mark I can be sell now and will it be a smart move to sell 17-40 and get 14mm.

I read a lot about UWA lenses (including Samyang,but would prefer AF function ) and reviewed a lot of images last few weeks.
The other lenses I have is 35/1.4 L, 135/2.0L.

As you can see I am slowly moving to primes , but 70-200 can be exception due to a high quality.

I am not a pro, just enjoying the Family and travel shots and looking for the best images possible from Canon 5D Mark II camera.
Thank you.

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