DPP doesn't have a genuine Exposure control?

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DPP doesn't have a genuine Exposure control?

First I must say I am not a DPP user, never installed it. But in other forum someone provided images processed with DPP, the original and the resulting from adjusting 'Bright' and 'Exposure', and I analyzed the before vs after to obtain the curves (level arrangements) that produced the output from the input.

I already did this for ACR and Photoshop Exposure, Bright, Contrast,... in this article: http://www.guillermoluijk.com/article/acrps/index.htm , and everything was as expected (the Exposure control is a straight line curve starting from (0,0) both in ACR and Photoshop, a genuine Exposure correction).

But in DPP it doesn't happen like this:

Bright in DPP:

Exposure in DPP:


  • What DPP calls Bright, is like the old Bright control in Photoshop CS2, a totally unrecommended adjustment since it destroys highlights information and washes the shadows when pushed, and clips the shadows when reduced

  • What DPP calls Exposure, is a curve like Bright in ACR and Photoshop CS3 and above, and is not a genuine Exposure adjustment

  • A genuine Exposure adjustement in DPP simply doesn't exist (!!!)

Is it possible that DPP doesn't have a proper Exposure control like this?

If you shoot for instance ISO100 1/500 f/4, and then shoot again ISO100 1/1000 f/4, and develop both RAW files with the same settings in DPP but pushing the second by +1EV, don't you get exactly the same image?


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