So Hand held twilight and anti motion blur are the same?

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Re: So Hand held twilight and anti motion blur are the same?

With HHT (hand held twilight) mode, the basic idea is to use 6 frames to stack together at high ISO, allowing the shutter speed to be stepped up to within reasonable handheld speeds, while keeping typical high ISO noise down and maintaining detail usually lost to noise reduction. HHT mode will first open the aperture as needed, then will try to maintain a shutter speed around 1/30 or so - raising the ISO as needed to maintain that shutter speed range.

The AMB (Anti Motion Blur) mode basically does the same thing as HHT (Hand held twilight)...except that it defaults to a faster shutter speed, which often means it STARTS at max ISO, and only lowers it if it has headroom to do so. Rather than starting at low ISOs, then raising them only enough to keep the shutter handheld, the AMB mode cranks the ISO up, tries for a shutter speed of at least 1/100 - 1/250, then IF it can lower the ISO, it will. Also, AMB isolates a moving subject within the frame from the stacking - it will only stack and merge those parts of the image that did not move or alter between the 6 frames. Any part of the frame that it detects had moved after the first frame, it leaves alone and avoids merging those areas of the stacked frames.

The great thing about the stacking of 6 frames is that it does not only reduce noise, but reduces chroma, and moreover rebuilds both detail and color - since it can compare the color results and the detail results from each of the 6 frames, the noise and the color blotching and banding being random.

Generally HHT will yield the better results, but when a subject is moving through the frame, HHT doesn't do as efficient a job of avoiding the ghosting effect when the subject moved between frames - which means often you'll get a bit of a halo or ghost effect around moving parts of the frame. AMB will avoid this issue, but the result being parts of your shot are essentially unstacked - you might have a perfectly clean image with nice sharp detail, except the person who was movign through the frame, who may be much noisier and off in color a bit as they will be a straight single ISO6400 frame.

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