D7000 quits while in interval timer shooting mode

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Re: Glad I'm not the only one with issues and the intervalometer.

My first experiment with 30 second exposure with 31 seconds and 32 seconds intervals proofed to me that 1 or 2 seconds padding is not enough, at least for my camera. In addition to that all noise reductions were off, quality was jpg fine, and used 30 Mb/s card.

I agree with you that 8 seconds gap or greater would produce breaks to the star trails.

Thank you.

RobertLaw wrote:

Your interval needs to be at least one second greater than your exposure time so the camera has a chance to reset the shutter. Also, you cannot have long exposure noise reduction on if your exposure time is 8 seconds or greater. You will always have a short break between the exposures of the stars. It shouldn't be too great, just a small blip.
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