24-70mm f2.8G vs 24-120mm f4G vs 70-200mm f2.8G

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Re: 24-70mm f2.8G vs 24-120mm f4G vs 70-200mm f2.8G

Thks Noirist for the good advise and suggestion.. I had reviewed it for the past days and thinking should for the 70-200mm since I already have my 50mm f1.8G. 24-70mm f2.8G is also cover the range of 50mm for standard portraits and in fact its bokeh n speed might not be as fast as the 50mm. Hence, with the 70-200mm i can took distant portrait as well as architecture or other close up shots.. Good suggestion.. Appreciated

Noirist wrote:

This is for FX. The few times I've used the 24-120mm f4, I've been disappointed in the results. I'd rather have brought my 24-70mm or 50mm instead, even if I missed a few of the longer shots. The 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8 are much better, even to the untrained eye (my wife). In practice, I use the 50mm f1.8G much more than the 24-70mm f2.8 because it is a lot lighter and 8 times out of 10 I can get the shot I want with some repositioning. The only times I bring the 24-70mm vs the 50mm is when I absolutely have to get a good picture and can't control where the picture happens. The 70-200mm is an entirely different beast, its one of the best portrait lenses made by Nikon and gives you reach that neither the 50mm nor the 24-70mm can provide. So you can do your landscapes with the 14-24mm, your architecture with the 50mm, and your portraits with the 50mm today. The 24-70mm doesn't given you anything new, but the 70-200mm will give you better portraits.

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