Steve Huff Review: 12mm f2 vs Leica 24mm Summilux (f1.4)

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Re: Similar Comparison

Vadimka wrote:

Thats nice, I only use NEX and Nikon. Some of those M4/3 camera sure looks delicious, if only they put an 1.5x crop sensor in it

Do you really think that APS-C sensor is that much bigger than m4/3.?

People mistakenly think that APS-C with its 1.5x is the half way between FF and µ4/3rd's 2x.

Well, its not the case. The difference between µ4/3 and APS-C image circle is only 5mm, while the difference between APS-C and FF is 17mm.

Yes, the FF gain in image size over APS-C is 3.4x of the gain you get with APS-C over µ4/3.

In real life use all those millimeters you mention means that there is 0.8 stops of difference (all sorts of them) between µ4/3 and APS-C, and 1.2 stops difference between APS-C and FF.


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