Where to buy HX100 with good return policy?

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Where to buy HX100 with good return policy?

People on this forum have been very helpful sharing their experiences and photos with the HX100. Thanks!

I'm considering buying one but I still have some reservations. (I'll list them later in this post.)

My question: What is a good internet website for purchasing the HX100 that has a solid NO HASSLE return policy?

If I don't like the HX100, I'd like to return it and get my money (or most it) back.

Unfortunately, the only retail store my San Jose, CA area that carries the HX100 is Fry's Electronics. They specialize in computers/electronics (and more candy bars than you've ever seen along a checkout aisle). Unfortunately, their sales people know nothing about cameras and they couldn't get their HX100 sample to work for me. They sell it for $400US and have a 15% restocking fee if I return it.

The major thing that attracts me to the HX100 is the 800mm lens and what appears to be a excellent image stabilization system. I want to use it for wildlife photography when I go to Yellowstone next month. Also, I want to do bird photography with it when I get back home. I don't need a multipurpose camera, because I already have a number of those. However, it's always a plus if a camera is multipurpose. I'm not interested in video.

Very briefly, my major concerns about the HX100 are:

1. Not being able to turn off auto replay which interferes with tracking moving objects ... animals, sports, etc..

2. Heavier than I'd like noise reduction that diminishes detail ... feathers and fur. (I'll usually take noise over loss of detail. PP can take care of most noise issues if it's a photo that I really like.)

3. The camera is too "automatic". For example the issue of auto ND filter seems to be hard to predict when it's on/off. I like composing my photos and thinking about lighting, aperture, etc.. When a camera "thinks" for you and does certain things automatically, but unpredictably (even for a good reason), it makes the outcome less predictable.

Please don't get me wrong ... I like the camera. Otherwise I wouldn't consider buying it. But I also may consider returning it if it's not my "cup of tea". So ... who has a good return policy for the HX100?


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