D7000 Lens suggestion needed

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Re: D7000 Lens suggestion needed

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

The Nikkor 12-24 f/4 can be had for about $700 used since it's not in as much of a demand since the Nikkor 10-24 came out. It has a bit better build quality than the 10-24, and pretty much the same image quality.

Well, no, the 10-24 is sharper than the older lens at all settings, especially in the corners, and it also can be had used for about the same used. Build quality is not an issue, it is built more than well enough for consumer use.


My rebuttal:

  • I wrote "pretty much the same" not "exactly the same".

  • The test you linked to indicates that those test charts were shot with a D3x... these are DX zooms, and that is an FX camera. Most people aren't going to use the lens like that, because it's not designed to be used that way (even if the camera was set in "crop mode"). For a more apples-to-apples comparison, check out the reviews on Photozone.de; both of the lenses perform very similarly (and anyway, their tests would indicate that the 12-24 is better in the corners, not the 10-24 so :P)

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