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Re: Is this true? Re: Motion Blur

camperbc wrote:

Could someone on this forum please, please, please tell me, for once and for all, just what it is about this Ken Rockwell that seems to get so many people up in arms? Is he a blow-hard, know-it-all type, or ... ? I don't know the man at all, but it seems that his name keeps popping up time and again, and always in a very negative way, as in "oh, that Ken Rockwell again!" or "you must have heard that from Ken Rockwell". I am curious to learn just what he has said or done to turn so many against him?

I don't want my question to start a major rant on here; just curious as to what I am missing about this guy.


He tends to take strong stances in his wording on opinions. His evidence doesn't always justify such a stance. Take his article on film vs digital.

He makes many good points, but the article is quite old, but still shows up in modern searches, and doesn't have more than a copyright statement indicating it's age. Digital has progressed quite a bit, it'd be nice to see an update, or a statement indicating the age of the comparison as a warning to current readers (it's the first article you get in a search for film on his site so it's not as though it's buried).

He tends to take similar views in his lens reviews, which results things like frequent pronoucements that this lens is the best ever/my favorite applied to many lenses, it'd be nice to see some updating to get a better feel for rankings. Frequently his opinions are stated in a way that they may not appear to be opinion statements.

He intentionally uses strong language as a successful strategy for search engine optimization. His are almost the first link in a search for camera equipment.

This leads to a frequent problem where those new to photography googling something reading his article on it, and not having enough experience to know what's opinion vs what's fact. (Then they frequently pop up on forums asking questions about why practice doesn't line up with a fact they learned from Ken).

That said, he is one of the few sites that gives a lot of good info about frequently fairly old lenses (it's very difficult to find comparisons beyond maybe 50mm prime lenses) and fairly new lenses. For that he's useful, but if you're going to read him you need to have a fairly good knowledge how he expresses hyperbole and when to take things with a grain of salt.

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