S95 or LX5 (I know I know) experienced shooters of both please

Started Aug 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
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S95 or LX5 (I know I know) experienced shooters of both please

I've come real close to buying one or another for a year now but haven't. Suddenly on various venues (Craigslist, Fred Miranda) I see both "new" or barely used coming up for sale at prices I like.

What I'd like is some opinions of those here who have shot extensively with BOTH to give us their opinions of which is the "best". I'm talking:

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more consistent focus

--better high ISO performance (since these are point and shoots, let's say ISO 800)
--quick to use
--fun factor---which one would you rather grab when walking out the door

I shoot mostly with DSLRs now but know all about point and shoots. Whatever I buy would reside under the seat of my car to be used in all manner of "emergency" shooting, indoors and out. Flash performance isn't critical, I want to be able to shoot in available light. The short zooms of both these cameras is just fine, I don't need a "superzoom" unless, of course, there is one that is these two cameras' equal in IQ.

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