Manual lens on an NEX7 or Ricoh GXR

Started Aug 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
El Profe Senior Member • Posts: 1,706
Re: It depends...

...on what lenses you have. If you have wide angle lenses the Ricoh is better option because of the redesigned microlenses on the sensor ( for better resoluiton at wide agle).

The new NEX-C3 also has the redesigned micro lenses for better resolution at wide angle. The new NEX-5n is going to have the same 16MP's sensor as the NEX-C3 with the redesigned micro lenses in basically the same old NEX-5 body. And is going to add an improved (faster) auto focusing system that is allegedly as fast as the Panasonic G2. The NEX-7 allegedly is going to have many more improvements includying a 24MP's sensor with the redesigned microlenses, EVF, in body flash, universal hot shoe, etc.

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