Love old Leicas but know nothing of new Leicas

Started Aug 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
xtoph Veteran Member • Posts: 9,871
that isn't correct

whether it is .08, as you say, or more like .09 or .1 (i've seen stephen daniels quoted as giving the latter number; where's your number coming from?), that's nowhere near "about the same as any film m". it is more like 4 or 5x longer shutter lag than any film m. (mine clocks about .012.)

that is a significant defect to me, especially shooting film m's alongside my m9. heck, it is nearly twice the lag of my 5d2--and that's a fairly slow camera by pro standards. and it negates one of the classic advantages of shooting with the rf design vs slr.

i don't know why the digital lag is longer than film. but even an slr design like the d3 is much faster than an m9 (only about 2x as slow as a good film m).

shutter lag in this range won't matter to everyone, and many people might not notice one way or the other. that's fine. but it does matter to some of us, and if the mission of the digital rf is at least parity with film, we're not there yet.

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