A35 or nexc3

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Re: A35 or nexc3

I was in a similar situation, and was torn between the A33 and the Nex5.
I picked up both but returned the A33.

The A33 was a 'better' camera, in terms of AF, DR and IQ but I wanted something smaller and 'hackable' (seemed to be more that I could do with the NEX in terms of the NEX community and with various legacy lenses.) there seemed to be hardly any aftermarket support for the A33, and since it's slightly smaller than standard DSLR size finding a small bag was difficult. (though I encountered similar issues with the nex5)

Photo wise I wanted to capture images of my toddler niece and my puppy, indoors with no flash and The A33 was much better than the Nex5 at that task.

Yes I can accomplish similar pics with the Nex, but with more work and involvement. The A33 was pretty much point and shoot.

I guess it really depends on what your main objective is.
Good luck with the decision.

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