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Don't underestimate usefulness of EVF

Karsten Meyer wrote:


I would never buy an A35 because the display is fix glued to the back of the camera. A33 would be better.

Take a NEX if you:

  • want it as small as possible,

  • want to use old manual focus lenses

  • want to shoot unnoticed (the tilting display is ideal for that)

Take an Axx if you:

  • need fast AF

  • need a viewfinder

  • want to use A-Mount lenses. These lenses might be bigger, but they all should AF, some of them are quite cheap.

  • need flash

Nice breakdown - and I care because I am looking to replace my Nikon DSLR with either a NEX or a SLT.

I was just out shooting a stitched-panorama with my Nikon, and with the sun behind me - and my camera on a tripod - it was impossible to review ["chimp"] my initial shot [I was focusing manually through the OVF] on the rear screen without taking the camera off the tripod... so an EVF is something I would almost certainly want in my new camera.

I had been leaning toward NEX for smaller size, and am waiting to see if rumors of EVF on NEX-5 replacement and/or NEX-7 hold true.

Handled a NEX and SLT at the store = liked auto-switch between screen and EVF on SLT. Also liked quieter shutter and SSS on SLT.

But NEX-5 sure feels better in my hand.

May not be an issue for you, but inexpensive lens adapter to use my existing Nikon lenses - at least until I transition to "native" glass - is a plus for the NEX.
Decisions, decisions...

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