DC or film Leica M ?

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DC or film Leica M ?

Dear Leica M owners & users ,

I am tempting for a Leica M and would like hear and share your experience of DC and film Leica M. Firstly, let me tell a bit of my backgrounds.

I'm a hobby shooter but not very active one. All depends on my mood, I will go out shooting probably max once per week, sometime even less and comes back with less than 100 shots from DC or 3-4 rolls of 120 / 1 -2 rolls of 135 but I will shoot over one thousands DC and films altogether for my vacation once a year.

I got serious on photography back 6-7 years ago and first was impressed by film photos taken by Rolleiflex and Leica. Ever since I have around 6-7 film cameras and film scanner, light box, loops and etc. Since I don't shoot much photos and it is a hobby to me so I'm okay to go through the troubles and extra devotions of film. I always lust for a Leica personally I think Leica is the best in 135 format.

For practical reason and reality, DC is a must no matter you go travel for just a causal dinner. For so far I have always bought those compact prosumer level DC i.e. Ricoh GRD and Panasonic LX series because I don't like bulky shape of DSLR and weight is also a major concern. However, in terms of image quality, all these compacts are still way below the film works.

Recently I bought an X100 and I'm quite satisfy with it. Although image quality still can't compare with my full frame 135 film, it is not far behind in terms of image quality and controls under my standard. However, since it is a prime 35mm lens, I really hope I can have options with 50 or 75mm so I can get close or same focal length as my Rolleiflex TLR.

After all these, I have tempted for Leica M in terms of size, weight and image quality of course, not to mention it is solid and well built masterpiece body and optics. Prime lens is what I love and it is inter-changeable so it is no doubt the best for my needs. I can afford one finally so why not ?

I feel comfortable to pay for a new MP but I'm hesitated paying for M9. Most of the concern is much higher price of course and second thing is will Leica DC last as long and reliable as their film cams ? Does their DC image quality still quite below the film age or not much different ?

I sincerely wish listening from all of you, especially you are or you had been on both Leica DC and film. What is your thought ? For the money you devoted into a MP, M7 or even older M models compares to the money you devoted into latest M8/9, which one brings you more joyful experience and precious photos ? I understand film and DC may consider as totally different territories but I hope I can listen to you in terms of the image quality and as the value of investment from a customer point of view.

Sorry for a long message !

Thanks and I'm looking forward to hear from all of you.

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