A35 or nexc3

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Re: Which lenses?

The 3 NEX lenses use CDAF. It takes part of a seconf to focus and there is also a slight shutter delay whcih means even if it focuses properly, a moving subect will move out of focus.

The A35 lenses can "predict" where an object is moving and actually tracks the focus. I take pictures of my large dog running full speed and nail the focus every time with a good lens. I also take pics of my kids running and playing soccer.

Also, remember, a 55mm lens is not very long. The only NEX lens longer is very large and $800.

sony1799 wrote:

I honestly still can't decide.

How is the nex for shooting slow moving objects? I've heard that manually focusing is pretty easy on the nex's.

Actually the only thing keeping me back from the nex is that it probably can't take photos of moving objects well.

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