canon 18mm-200mm lens or Canon 15-85mm lens

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Re: canon 18mm-200mm lens or Canon 15-85mm lens

Keep the 18-200. You can always add other lenses later.

Especially being new to photography, you want a wide zoom range so you can explore different kinds of pictures.

Also, keep in mind that when these lenses (like the 18-200) are stopped down they are quite sharp. With today's low noise hi ISO cameras and stabilized lenses it is very practical to stop down adequately. I have often shot at 200mm & f10 hand held without a problem.

I think the biggest problem with the 18-200 is not sharpness but distortion at the wide end. If you shoot RAW this can be removed though.

One way or the other I like these lensess. They are great fun and great learning tools.

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