Recommendations for 50mm on APS-C sensor? (re: 1.6x crop factor, etc)

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Re: Recommendations for 50mm on APS-C sensor? (re: 1.6x crop factor, etc)

I am in similar case with you. Indoor & kid.

below is a sample photo for your reference.

35mm with short focal length allows me to take photo with my daughter while playing with her. It is reasonable in indoor lighting condition.

But it has some drawbacks too.
It is a bit noisy when using, so it cannot be used to take sleeping baby.

As kids grows up, they move faster and walk around. 35mm f/2 without usm is a bit slow to following them. (I open a thread about this situation)

I received advice from the thread that try to use flash. So I will start to explore this option too. using zoom lens with f2.8, such as sigma/tamron 17-50mm, is also suggested.

sofakng wrote:

Thanks for all of the recommendations.

The Canon 35mm f/2 does look nice but I'd be worried about the f/2 versus the f/1.4 on the Sigma.

The main purpose of the lens will be for indoor (low light) pictures of my son (8 months old). I do have a Canon 430EX II flash but I'm still learning about the camera (and SLR photography in-general) and it seems like not having to use the flash produces better pictures, etc.

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