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Do professional photographers shoot to the right? I was told by an instructor who is also a professional photographer that he always shoots in manual mode and shoot to the right such that the historgram is skewed to the right hand side but just before clipping. In changing light conditions, do you keep checking histogram and adjusting the exposure setting? Does that affect the speed of your shooting?



In theory it sounds good. The trouble is you have no idea what the histogram peaks refer to in your subject. If the range is greater than the sensor can handle, you might not want to loose the highlight end or you might choose to loose the highlight end. When I have time I tend to think where does my subject want to be, above mid grey or below and by how much. If I have a lot of time I would shoot it on film and probably have enough range for all the shadow and highlight detail I could desire. As most of it is shot on a 1DsmkIII, if it's sunny I dial in minus a half, I think clipped highlights are much worse than clipped shadows.


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